POLICE have been kept busy on the roads during the festive period.

PC Tom Van Der Wee has been among many frontline officers keeping people safe in Sussex.

He completed shifts on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and has been alert to drink and drug drivers.

It is the fifth year he has been on duty for Christmas but says the support from his family and from the public has made a huge difference.


PC Van Der Wee said: “Usually we are busy responding to emergency calls as well as carrying out patrols to make sure people are not over the limit.

“But we can also be called to reports of burglaries, vehicle crime and other offences.

“Being away from my family is difficult.

“The job can be unpredictable, where you end up being hours late off shift.

“I have worked every Christmas for the last five years and sometimes you will be straight out the door as soon as you book on, deploying to emergency calls. “

Last year, police made more than 200 arrests for drink and drug driving during the festive period.

PC Van Der Wee has warned people not to risk it and to leave the car keys at home, especially now everyone is gearing up for New Year’s Eve.

He added: “Remember that the only thing that will really sober you up is time.

“Just because you’ve had a few hours’ sleep, a fry up and a strong coffee might make you feel better, but you could well still be over the limit.”