ANIMAL rights activists are threatening to keep protesting outside a clothes shop until it “drops all animal fur products”.

Demonstrators from Brighton Vegan Activists first stood outside Profile Fashion in Dukes Lane, Brighton, on December 21 and have done so on several occasions since.

They held signs with slogans including “your fur trim had a victim” and “it’s not fashion, it’s violence” as well as handing out anti-fur leaflets and singing anti-speciesist chants.

Speciesism is “the assumption of human superiority leading to the exploitation of animals”.

A spokesman for Brighton Vegan Activists said: “Activists stood outside the Profile Fashion store to bring attention to other animals exploited and needlessly killed for fashion. We held signs and gave out information to the public about the realities of ‘fur fashion’.

“Speeches were made to shed light on the forgotten victims in this industry and we chanted loud for animal liberation.

“Companies turn individuals into products through violence and suffering, in the name of ‘fashion’.

“But there is nothing beautiful about killing for profit, these animals have rights, just like us.”

The group claimed that the store sell beaver, coyote, lamb, fox, mink and rabbit fur. The spokesman said: “Regardless of the source of fur, an immense amount of pain goes into each fur-trimmed jacket.

“Animals exploited for their fur spend their whole lives restricted to filthy, cramped wire cages, until they are killed for their skin.

“Methods used to kill these animals must preserve their skin.

“These include electrocution, suffocation, poisoning and gasping.”

The group wants the store to stop selling any animal products and says the demonstrations will continue until this happens.

The spokesman said: “ It is wrong to use animals for our own interests.

“When we do so we violate their rights.

“We can simply opt for synthetic garments which are readily available in all types of retail shops.

“With the availability of a wide range of comfortable, fashionable options, there is no justification for wearing animal fur.

“We will continue to protest against the Brighton branch of Profile Fashion until they abolish fur from their store.”

Profile Fashion has been contacted for comment but, at the time The

Argus went to print, the company had not provided a response.