MORE than 100 motorists were arrested for drink-driving in just 15 days over the festive period.

Each year the police launch a dedicated operation to catch those who are intoxicated behind the wheel in Sussex.

From December 18 to January 1, officers caught 73 on suspicion of drink-driving and 37 on suspicion of drug driving.

Chief Inspector Michael Hodder said he was “hugely disappointed” that people still think it is socially acceptable to put their lives, and the lives of others, at risk.

The criminals are set to be named and shamed by police once they have appeared in court.

Chief Insp Hodder said: “I’m surprised and hugely disappointed that drink and drug-driving is still considered by some people to be socially acceptable.

“It seems there will always be a number of ignorant and selfish road users who refuse to take our advice on board. Not only do you risk ruining Christmas, you also risk ruining your life, or someone else’s.

“It shouldn’t take a trip to police custody to give you the wake-up call.

“Every year we arrest drivers who say they “only had a couple” or they were “only around the corner”. We’ve heard every excuse in the book, but the bottom line is there is no excuse.

“Change your behaviour now, or it could change your life forever.”