ALBION’S cheapest adult season ticket costs almost a week’s wages for the average fan, a study shows.

Experts measured the average wage in cities and towns where football clubs are based.

They worked out how long an adult would then need to work to afford the cheapest season tickets on offer.

The study comes amid fears that supporters can often be priced out of the game.

It found The Seagulls’ cheapest available season ticket at the time of the research was £535.

This compares to an average hourly wage in Brighton and Hove of £18.15 per hour.

So based on an average 40-hour working week, it would take a worker in the city 29 hours and 28 minutes to be able to pay for their seat for the season.

The study shows that it makes Albion the ninth cheapest out of 20 Premier League clubs.

According to the figures, Chelsea are the cheapest, with the highest average wage of residents per hour at £37.77.

The cheapest season ticket price for the West London club is £750, which means a fan would have to work for 19 hours and 51 minutes.

Experts said the most expensive club for season tickets was Liverpool, where the average hourly wage is the lowest for residents, at £15.91 per hour.

The Kopites charge £685 for the cheapest season ticket, which means fans have to work for 43 hours and three minutes to afford it on the average wage in the city.

According to, which commissioned the study, Brighton is one of nine teams which requires fans to work under 30 hours in total to afford a season ticket.

Meanwhile Arsenal had the dearest offer for its cheapest season ticket, at £891.

That would take their average supporter in North London 35 hours and 33 minutes to afford.

The cheapest adult season ticket on offer was for reigning champions Manchester City, at £325, which would take a Mancunian 20 hours and 58 minutes of work to afford.

Live Football Tickets stated: “Fans are curious and excited to see how their team will fair this in the second half of this season, perhaps none more so than local supporters, who proudly embody the spirit and culture of their football club.

“We calculated how long local residents in each of the 20 different towns and cities the Premier League clubs are located would have to work in order to afford the cheapest single-adult season ticket.

“It was based on the average hourly pay for the area using statistics from the Office of National Statistics.

“Overall, 11 out of 20 of the Premier League clubs required their local supporters to work more than 30 hours to buy the best priced 2019-2020 single-adult season ticket at their club.”

The study appears not to have taken into account supporters who travel to watch their team from long distances, such as Manchester United or Liverpool supporters going from London.