THE brother of the lead singer of Simple Minds has been jailed for nine years after a judge deemed he was a danger to the public after stalking two fans.

Paul Kerr, brother of rock star Jim Kerr, accused John Fagan of rape and murder and threatened to sexually assault his wife Julie in what started out as an online spat over the Don’t You (Forget About Me) band’s latest album.

Kerr also stalked an ex-girlfriend.

Yesterday Kerr, 57, of Montague Street, Brighton, was ordered to serve an extended custodial sentence after Judge Stephen Mooney ruled he posed a significant danger to the public.

Kerr made false allegations that John Fagan, of Kent, was a child rapist and threatened to sexually assault his wife.

Following a trial in November, he was found guilty of stalking the pair and ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Vanthof.

Jonathan Edwards, prosecuting, said Mr Kerr’s comments were designed to “inflict the most distress on his victims”.

However, Kerr, defended his actions saying he was unable to cope with his older brother’s fame.

Judge Stephen Mooney warned that “anyone who crosses him in future is at risk”.

He said: “On four occasions he has committed three different very serious criminal offences against people who have crossed him.”

In his sentencing remarks the judge said: “Mr and Mrs Fagan made it clear how traumatic they found your actions.

“I note that your previous convictions both arose out of seemingly innocuous business disputes, one which resulted in the victim’s home being set alight and the second in you breaking into the victim’s home and assaulting them with a weapon.

“I therefore find that you pose a significant risk to members of the public of serious harm occasioned by you.”

Paul Walker, defending, said: “Not many amongst us have brothers who have gone on to become global rock stars. He clearly has had difficulty living in the shadows of his elder brother. His sibling was living in a parallel universe.”

Mr Edwards, prosecuting, said: “Mr Kerr was alleging John Fagan was a rapist, a murderer and interfering with patients in his professional capacity as a nurse.

“He threatened Julie Fagan with sexual assault and accused her of being someone with loose sexual morals, suggesting she had relations with a number of people.

“This is extreme language. He contacted Miss Vanthof’s employer suggesting she had made a false allegation of rape.

“Mr and Mrs Fagan felt unable to enjoy their wedding anniversary in Sicily, because of what he was posting. Miss Vanthof said she was unable to sleep, she stopped socialising and in effect became a recluse. She was not getting dressed at weekends, remaining in her flat in her pyjamas.”