NEIGHBOURS have described their shock after a man was stabbed to death in a residential road.

Armed police and the air ambulance were called to Elphick Road Newhaven at about 11.30pm on Monday.

A man had been stabbed and a 16-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Residents were shocked by the brutal crime on their doorsteps.

Estelle Wilson, who lives in Elphick Road just a couple of houses from the scene at the corner of Ship Street, said: “I sleep with my windows open and I head a noise and then more noise.

The Argus:

“And then I looked out and by that time the paramedics were there and they had him on the ground and were trying to save him.

“My son said he heard someone shout ‘oh sh**’ at about 11.30pm, then he heard what he thought was a van.

“I must have still been asleep then and heard them after.

“It is awful.

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“There are often quite a lot of youngsters hanging round near the corner and we had an arson on some cars a little while ago.

“We have been here 11 years and it has always been pleasant and quiet until recently.”

Sue Stephens, also of Elphick Road, said: “I walked past the corner of Ship Street earlier in the day – about 3.30pm and there was a group of young boys hanging around at the corner. There were about four of them and then another guy who was a bit older walked past with a dog.

“I’m elderly and on my own so I take my dog out, but I won’t go out any more after dark.”

A young mother who lives in Elphick Road with her two- year-old daughter said: “I head the sound of the helicopter. It was so low I thought t was going to crash into the houses.

“Then my daughter woke at about 4.30 and I looked outside and saw everything going on.

“I only moved here a year ago and now I don’t want to live her any more if there’s been a murder in the street.

“There are kids in the street quite a lot but they’re not really doing much, just hanging around being kids.”

Another nearby resident said: “Being elderly we’re asleep by that sort of time.

“I am aware there’s a lot of trouble with young people in Newhaven these days.

“There’s a phone number you can call to report antisocial behaviour, I know people who have had to use it but I haven’t.”

Police scenes of crimes officers are this morning searching an area at the junction of Elphick Road and Ship Street.

A police tent has been erected at the junction and the area cordoned off.

The road is currently closed to traffic.