A HEADTEACHER who is worried about a terrorist ploughing a car into his students is pleading that a fence be built around the school.

Richard Bradford, the former-headteacher of Dorothy Stringer, says the Brighton school “cannot guarantee safety” of the students without a two metre high fence and a secure gate.

Mr Bradford said students from other schools are entering with “violent intent”, members of the public have been wondering in to use the school’s toilets and troublemakers have been vandalising property.

He says that without secure gates, anyone can drive into the school, putting “students’ safety at risk everyday” and making them “vulnerable to a vehicle crash terrorist threat”.

In a cover letter on a planning application for the security measures, he said: “Site security has been a long running issue and has been a major concern since I became headteacher at Dorothy Stringer in September 2011.

“We have had multiple incidents and numerous safe-guarding concerns over the years.

“We are an open site with multiple doors into multiple buildings none of which have any security closures.

“The only solution is therefore to properly fence and gate the site so we can keep students safe in the day and then also secure the site at night.


“We manage this as best we can and are vigilant throughout the day but despite this there have been multiple incidents which make clear that we cannot guarantee safety of students on site.”

Mr Bradford said members of the public walk through the site while the school is open, some entering during the day and using the students’ toilets.

On a number of occasions, students from with school have entered and looked for other students to fight, he said.

He also says caretakers regularly have to clear dog poo from the field.

He added: “In the evening the site is often used for anti-social behaviour – drinking, drug use and vandalism.

“In the morning caretakers have to regularly clear up broken glass, the paraphernalia of drug use and the results of vandalism.

“Our school minibuses have been broken into on a number of occasions at night and vandalised.”

The school has asked to build a new boundary fence on the Loder Road path and along Stringer Way.

Mr Bradford made the application to the council before retiring at the end of last year.