A LABOUR MP has admitted regretting an election night tirade in a mocking grilling by the BBC’s Andrew Neil.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, re-elected to Brighton Kemptown in December, pledged to “fight” Tories in the street in a fiery victory speech at the Brighton Centre count.

But after video footage of the night was shown to Mr Russell-Moyle on the Politics Live BBC programme he admitted that he “wished he had not used the word fight”.

Mr Neil said he wanted an interview the Labour MP on the night but it fell through because his party “wanted to sedate him first” and were “still pumping drugs into him”.

The Politics Live panel was shown the footage from the night in which Mr Russell-Moyle exclaims to a raucous crowd: “The Conservative Party have an aim to break up our country.

“An aim to destroy our NHS, and we say no.

“We will fight them in the Parliament, we will fight them in the courts, we will fight them in the workplaces and we will fight them in the streets.

“They will not destroy our country.

“Thank you Kemptown.”

After showing the clip back, Mr Neil asked: “Is the chap there the same as the chap sitting here? Did you get a bit carried away?”

Mr Russell-Moyle replied:”What you didn’t see there was that at the beginning I had said that I thought that all of the other candidates were honourable people but we have very different views of the direction of our country.”

“Then you said you wanted to fight them in the street,” replied Mr Neil.

Lloyd Russell Moyle added: “and then the Conservatives which I have never seen before started booing me on the stage and so yes, the emotions of the night, when people were booing you, you start to rise, your heckles are raised.

“I wish that I had not used the word ‘fight’.

“I do think that we need to organise and resist, not through physical means but making sure that you try and put forward alternative legislation.

“I agree with you the tone there was off but it was very late in the morning”

Mr Neil said that he was hoping for an interview with Mr Russell-Moyle but told him that “they wanted to sedate you first”.

“I did hang around for you,” said Mr Russell-Moyle.

Mr Neil replied: “They were still pumping the drugs into you.”

Mr Russell-Moyle was re-elected in Brighton Kemptown but with about 3,000 fewer votes than in 2017.

Earlier in the night, as Labour strongholds across the country fell to the Tories, a tearful Mr Russell-Moyle watched the national picture unfold on a Brighton Centre TV screen and admitted his party “did not make a strong enough case to the public”.

Mr Russell-Moyle won with 25,033 votes.

Joe Miller, Conservative, received 16,972 votes, Ben Thomas, Liberal Democrats received 2,964 votes and Alexandra Phillips, Green Party, received 2,237 votes.

Mrs Phillips did not get her deposit back.