A TEAM of kind-hearted volunteers cleaned an underpass where two homeless men’s belongings were set alight.

Firefighter Jack Magee organised the clean-up after a “deliberate” fire was started in a pile of sleeping bags and books left by the two rough sleepers in Chichester.

West Sussex Fire and Rescue service’s chief fire officer, Sabrina Cohen-Hatton condemned the act, saying “someone who does not have the security of a home that many of us enjoy, will have seen all of their worldly possessions mindlessly destroyed”.

But she praised Jack, along with members from his gym and fellow firefighters, for their selfless efforts.

She said: “Jack, you’re absolutely amazing. Thank you for caring enough to think about it and for being humble enough to do something about it.”

She added: “Massive appreciation too for Chichester Fire for taking time out of your day to help.”