A CAR blocking a footpath was pelted with dog poo and grass as anger over parking boiled over.

Elm Grove resident Natasha Steel found the black hatchback vandalised at Warren Road as she walked to work in Brighton on Friday morning.

Grass, dog poo, and a McDonald’s wrapper were thrown over the car, while one of its wing mirrors was kicked down.

Ms Steel said residents had been complaining for months about cars blocking the footpath, which provides a short cut-through the Brighton suburb.

“There’s been an ongoing issue with cars parking in front of the footpath because if cars park in front of it people can’t access the path. ,” she said.

“It’s clear they feel angry about the path constantly being blocked.

“I think this shows people are really starting to get fed up with this.

“If you’re taking your kid to school or nursery then you can’t get past that car with a buggy, so you’ll have to go all the way around.”

Even after Brighton and Hove City Council took action and drew a white line in front of the footpath, cars have continued to park in front of it.

“We ended up speaking to our councillor Elaine Hills because we were so fed up,” Ms Steel said.

“She got the council to draw a white line across the front of it.

“But when I walked to work I noticed a car was still parked in front of it and had been vandalised.”

The incident came months after the city council called on the Government to ban pavement parking.

Concil parking manager Paul Nicholls said pavement parking was a “long-running issue which we have been unable to resolve”