A FUMING customer claims he was given a raw burger in a McDonald’s he has visited 100 times in the last year.

Mikey Thomson, 32, who works for Uber, said he “could have been killed” after being served the burger in Western Road, Brighton.

The furious takeaway-lover has now pledged he will use rival restaurant KFC instead.

Mr Thomson, an ex-McDonald’s worker from King’s Road, Brighton, said: “I do get a lot of McDonald’s – I must have ordered 200 in the last two years.

“I’m an avid McDonald’s fan, but I’m currently in a relationship with the Colonel - from the KFC logo.”

Mr Thomson visited the city centre outlet at about 11.30pm on a Saturday night.

He ordered a Happy Meal for his boyfriend Liam Purdey, 30, who “wasn’t that hungry”.

He bought cheese bites and a Big Tasty Meal for himself.

He said: “We took it home at about ten to midnight and the last thing to eat was the burger.

“I had a bite and thought ‘oh the tomato’s mushy’.

“I looked at it and it was bloody, you could see blood on the lettuce and it was flaking out of my hand. “

Mr Thomson, who waited until the next morning to bring the burger back, said: “I went to the manager and said that it was completely raw and could have killed me.

The Brighton-man said food poisoning could have seriously affected him because his lymph nodes were removed when he was very young due to Cat-scratch fever.

He said that he has contacted McDonald’s but they have not responded.

Mr Thomson said: “I would like to know they have sent the burger for investigation.

“I would also like an apology, not in an email or on the telephone, I want the apology in a letter.”

A McDonald’s spokesman said: “Food safety is of the utmost importance to us and we place great emphasis on quality control. As soon as this issue was brought to the attention of the restaurant team, they apologised to the customer and offered a full refund and replacement.

We follow rigorous standards to avoid any imperfections, and are disappointed that on this occasion these were clearly not upheld.

The restaurant team took the product for testing, and have subsequently investigated to ensure there was no fault with kitchen equipment that could have caused the issue in the kitchen.

“Our Customer Services team are also in conversation with the customer, and are in the process of finding a satisfactory solution.”