FAKE posters which use an environmental activist group’s logo have been spotted.

Images of posters with the Extinction Rebellion hourglass logo and their distinctive typography have been shared on social media, but they have not been created by the climate action group.

Many of the posters have extremist messages about race and immigration which do not reflect the views of Extinction Rebellion.

One reads ‘Stop white genocide’ while another says ‘House the world, destroy the environment’.

Two posters were spotted in Portland Road in Hove on Thursday, January 2 and the campaign group said they were reported to police.

One Twitter user shared an image of a poster which called for ‘population control in the third world’ with a tweet which read: “Visited Brighton for New Year’s Eve.

“Strange to see these Extinction Rebellion posters up. A change in direction?”

In an official statement, Extinction Rebellion Brighton said they are not associated with the posters and do not endorse them.

They said: “Extinction Rebellion, in Brighton and any other location, are not associated with these racist posters in any way and do not wish to give any more air time to their abhorrent messages.

“As far as we know there was only one incident of two of these posters appearing in Portland Road on January 2.

“Extinction Rebellion do not endorse these vile messages in any way whatsoever. Our movement is based on love and inclusion of all people.

“We would encourage people to come to Extinction Rebellion Brighton’s meetings which are open to all, so they can witness first hand how far from the truth these disgusting and divisive messages are from Extinction Rebellion’s principles and values.

“We welcome everyone and every part of everyone and avoid blaming and shaming.”

The group is asking anyone who sees a fake Extinction Rebellion poster to report it to police and to Brighton and Hove City Council.

Extinction Rebellion said: “BHCC take this matter very seriously and have given the urgent removal of such posters their top priority.

“We also suggest people should report any sightings to Sussex Police, who are aware, as are the police nationally, and who are investigating further.”

Claudia Fisher, a member of Extinction Rebellion Brighton, said: “The council has been very supportive and they do not want anything like this in the city. The posters are really dangerous hate.

“It’s disgusting and is against everything we stand for.”

The council and police were contacted for comment.