A WOMAN who became an escort after 40 years of marriage said her husband was her “biggest encourager”.

Caroline, a registered dental nurse in her 60s, was featured in Louis Theroux’s new documentary Selling Sex.

She told the programme Graham, her husband of 44 years, fully supports her decision to sell sex to clients, whom she meets through websites and via social media.

Graham, a chartered surveyor, takes X-rated photos of his wife, is involved in choosing racy outfits and will even leave the house so that she can have sex with clients in their Sussex home.

Graham, also in his 60s, insisted he was happy to support his wife because he wants her to be “happy” and “successful in her own right as a woman”.

The documentary opened with a scene showing Graham granting his wife permission to “give herself” to another man for an hour.

Caroline told Louis she had seen five or six clients that week.

Coming downstairs in a plunging blue dress on her way to meet another client, Caroline said: “I belong to you.

“I’m yours but I want to give myself to another man for an hour but I just wondered if you could give me away to him for the hour,” to which Graham responded: “Yes, darling, I give you away to Dave for the hour.”

Another scene showed Graham photographing Caroline as she stretched out on the sofa in a provocative black plastic bra and micro skirt combination, offering suggestions on her poses and her choice of clothes.

Later, Graham accompanied Caroline as she searched for a new fetish outfit in the basement of a Soho sex shop, performing a “touch test” on the latex police uniform she eventually chose.

Asked on her motivation, Caroline told Louis she had been raised in a strict household with traditional values on the role of women and how they should view sex.

Escorting gives her a way to regain control of her sexuality and liberate herself.

“My upbringing was quite Victorian but also a mix of religion,” she explained.

“I was brought up to believe sex was dirty and wrong, and I went into our marriage with the same attitude.

“It’s been a process over the last few years particularly that I’ve really been discovering who I am and what I need.”

Graham added in a separate conversation: “[She was taught] women should be seen and not heard, or not even seen... I knew, for example, that sexually she was repressed, to put it mildly. I kept on thinking, ‘How can I initiate her?.’ but he admitted: ‘I never dreamt that Caroline would take it this far’.”

Caroline had the idea to explore becoming an escort after meeting a woman on holiday who had tried it.

It was not made clear how long she had been in the industry but it is thought her interest has grown in recent years.

There was suggestion that Graham is not 100 per cent happy with his wife working as an escort.

At one point he admitted to Louis he has “ups and downs”.

He said: “If we’ve had a row, or something hasn’t gone right, or I feel I haven’t been thought of or considered in one way or another then I can feel something negative coming out of me. I can feel kind of a bit jealous or a bit irritated...

“But then of course four hours later, we’ll be fine... I want her to be absolutely successful as a woman in her own right, I want her to be happy and to have pleasure, not just sexually.”

Graham also confessed he sometimes felt overlooked by his wife and craved more intimate attention.

Louis observed that Graham appeared happy to put up with the insecurity in exchange for his wife’s happiness - and a more adventurous sex life.

Graham added: “I’m as surprised as anybody could be as to where we’ve ended up and where Caroline’s ended up... I’m proud of her and I think it’s amazing.”