WHAT’s it like working at a fast food chicken joint?

Chef Sunu Basith, 31, is part of a steamed chicken “dream team” at Roosters Piri Piri restaurant in Brighton’s Western Road.

Here, he spills the beans on cooking, co-ordination, and his signature steamed chicken.

He said: “I thought it would be hectic here. I work like an animal, but we’ve got such amazing communication in the kitchen it doesn’t feel busy even when it is.

“I used to work in sales. This is my first job as a chef. I come from a Bangladeshi background and my dad runs an Indian restaurant. I used to help him out cooking jalfrezi and tikka masala in the kitchen. It used to get really hot in there.

“It’s not like that here. It’s really organised. We steam the chicken in a big oven and keep it hot at 70 degrees. That helps reduce the amount of fat. Then it’s kept in separate heated drawers and put on the grill.”

The job comes with perks, too. Sunu said: “We get to take home whatever’s left at the end of the day. We don’t want to keep anything overnight, so it’s divided between the staff.”

Sunu also likes the diversity on the team. He said: “We have people working here from all different backgrounds – staff from Nepal, Italy, India, Spain. I’ve met so many different people and learnt so much from them.”

But his favourite thing about Roosters is rustling up customised favourites.

He said: “I’m creative when I cook. For a quick snack for myself I’ll have a falafel and coleslaw wrap. But if I’m making something bigger, I’ll have a grilled half chicken with a special mix of salads. When customers see it, they always want one too.”

Business at Roosters is good, Sunu said. “I’ve been here since they opened in 2016. It’s still here so we’re obviously doing something right. I think it’s the chicken. Customers love it. It really hits the spot.”