HOLLY Willoughby said she “doesn’t like” some of the Love Island 2020 contestants and criticised Connor Durman for his behaviour towards her friend Rochelle Humes’s sister Sophie Piper.

Speaking to former Love Island winner Kem Cetinay on This Morning yesterday, she also revealed she had taken a disliking to one of the girls – but didn’t say who.

Former Burgess Hill School girl Holly said: “I mean I’ve got this girl... there’s ones that I like and ones that I like not so much.

“But I’m going to reserve judgement.”

And speaking about singer Rochelle’s sister coupling with Worthing contestant Connor, she said: “She’s very sweet, he got a bit cross with her at one point and I didn’t like that very much.”

She then explained the controversy to co-host Philip Schofield, saying: “He talked about his sex life and he was bragging about something and all the girls just went it’s not really something to brag about and he got cross and a bit defensive.”

In the first episode, Connor was slammed for bragging about a threesome, but then getting angry with Sophie, 21, when she made a joke about it.

Connor, 25, left with Sophie, claimed he once went on a date and ended up bedding both her and her flatmate. When fellow contestant Mike Boateng later revealed he had slept with fewer than 20 people, Sophie joked: “You’ve got yourself a keeper, not one that has a threesome on a first date.”

The joke didn’t go down well with coffee bean salesman Connor, who snapped: “You hate me tonight, you’re hating me.”

When Sophie tried to salvage the situation by stroking his arm and laughing it off, he replied: ‘You’re digging me out already, you are!’

Viewers took to Twitter to slam Connor for his actions, with one writing: “Bragging about having a threesome and then saying she’s digging him out! Run for the hills Sophie... #LoveIsland.”