A WOMAN appeared in court after an alleged racism row broke out at a restaurant.

Nicola Daltrey, 43, had gone to Nando’s in Brighton with her mother and had been shown to a table.

Daltrey got into a heated argument with a woman inside and admitted using threatening or abusive behaviour to the woman, who was there with her partner and young son.

At Brighton Magistrates’ Court, Elizabeth Grey, prosecuting, said it was alleged that Daltrey’s mother had said: “There are too many blacks in here.”

It was reportedly overheard by the woman sitting with her children.

But Daltrey denied that was what her mother had said and told the court her mother, who is disabled, had complained about being seated “upstairs, at the back”.

She said her mother could not have said those words, because Daltrey, of Preston Road, Brighton, has “dual heritage children”.

District Judge Amanda Kelly said Daltrey’s reaction was an “ugly display of behaviour” in front of children which was “deeply irresponsible”.

Daltrey was given a conditional discharge and told to pay £50 compensation.