A MAN whose wife is battling breast cancer says he fears their mouldy flat will kill her.

John Edwards and wife May have been living in their flat in Millers Road, Brighton, since 2013.

But their home is covered in black mould which doorman John fears is affecting May’s health as she struggles to fight infections following chemotherapy.

The couple said their daughter Tamara, two, has now also suffered chest infections. They said her doctor fears this could be linked to the damp conditions in their home.

Mr Edwards, 37, said: “I need someone to help my vulnerable family.

“I just need to get my family somewhere safe.

“My wife has breast cancer. I can’t cope anymore and this could kill her. “

He said in the bedroom condensation water pours down the inside of the windows - which have been painted shut.

The family of four say they are all forced to sleep in the living room. But despite being freshly re-plastered the walls are still covered in a thick layer of black mould.

Green mould grows on the carpet and their belongings are covered, Mr Edwards said.

Mrs Edwards was diagnosed with breast cancer last May. She had an operation to remove lymph nodes then developed sepsis after surgery. She has just had chemotherapy and is still having antibody treatment. She currently has neutropenia - meaning she has virtually no immune system to fight infection.

The 39-year-old, who is still very unwell, said: “I feel so down because of our living situation. It is just so depressing.

“I can’t deal with it.”

May, a healthcare assistant at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, is unable to work while she undergoes treatment.

John, 39, is struggling to look after his sick wife, daughter Tamara, May’s son Sean, 11, and keep working his two jobs as a healthcare assistant and a doorman.

He said: “My wife has been in hospital for chemotherapy. She doesn’t know how long she has got.

“She has had surgery on her breast to remove the lymph nodes.

“She hasn’t got any immune system at the moment.

“The only room my wife can sleep in is covered in mould.

“The two kids are sleeping in the double bed with their mother

“She has just come out of surgery. It is just such a worry.

“My daughter was playing with a little toy car and it went under the sofa. I moved the sofa to get it and there was a massive puddle of green mould underneath.

“There is nowhere in the flat that is not affected.

“We are private tenants, but I’ve had to ask the council for help. My daughter has been having chest infections and breathing problems.

“I have called in environmental health. I don’t want them to give us a council house. “When May was well we were both working and we have always paid our own way, but we need some help.”

Adam Kite, manager at agents Sparks and Sons said: “Mr Edwards contacted the council and they contacted us.

“We went round there with environmental health. there was a bit of condensation and we’re happy with the condition of the flat. That was in the summer. I understand these problems get worse in winter.

“Since then we have not heard from him. If he contacts us again we and the landlord are happy to do whatever needs to be done.”