A REVELLER was left covered in blood after being struck over the head with a glass of beer on the dance floor of a nightclub.

Trouble erupted at Revolution Brighton in West Street in the early hours.

Clubbers watched in shock as the fighting spread and the man was glassed.

Police were called to the distrurbance.

Witnesses said the scenes were like a Western bar brawl and the man was “covered in blood and shirtless”.

Security guards tried to separate those involved in the violence.

A man alleged to have carried out the attack fled the scene.

Trouble erupted in the early hours of last Saturday.

One witness who was at the club with friends said: “There was a big fight at Revolution.

“It was just like in the films, with flying beers and glasses going everywhere.

“There were many people fighting each other in the middle of the dance floor.

“We had to push people away to avoid them crashing into us.

“One guy broke a full glass of beer on someone’s head. He was covered in blood and had his shirt off.”

Security guards waded in to the fracas inside and the witness said other revellers looked on in shock.

He said: “Security guards tried to separate the fighters but it kept kicking off again. I was shocked.

“It all happened very fast, at one point there was a guy on the ground.

“It was crazy, for a moment it looked like everybody wanted to hit someone around them.

“The scene after was covered in broken glasses.

“Staff inside had to clear it all away while the music kept playing. The glasses were cleared up, then people just carried on dancing.”

Police are now appealing for witnesses to find out what happened.

Officers confirmed that one man suffered a cut to his head and had to be taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital for treatment.

The force said: “We are investigating a report of a man being assaulted with a glass at the Revolution Brighton bar in West Street, Brighton, at about 12.50am on Saturday, January 11. A man went to hospital for treatment. The injury is not life threatening.”

The man who was attacked said he did not see the suspect and claimed he was attacked from behind, police said. They said the suspect fled the club.

Witnesses are asked to all 101 and quote incident reference 66 of 11/01.

Revolution was contacted by The Argus for comment.