A LYING love rat with fantasies of raping women while they were unconscious has been jailed for 17 years.

Neil Scott-O’Connor was found guilty of choking two women who he knew. They cannot be identified for legal reasons.

Despite already being in a relationship, the 23-year-old went into a second relationship with the first victim, where he isolated her and bullied her to get his own way.

He “tagged” her with unwanted love bites and attempted to strangle her “multiple times”.

The love cheat then accused her of being unfaithful. He hit her head with a car door during a row in a car park in Brighton, then later attempted to choke her during sex.

He also struck her with a wine glass on her head, pulled her hair and punched her twice, it was revealed.

Then, despite already having two relationships on the go, he contacted a 17-year-old girl on Facebook.

He had told her he wanted a loving relationship and family.

But she said they had “a first date from hell” as his early charming offers of a romantic dinner failed to happen and ended in them having sex at his home in St Michael’s Way, Partridge Green, near Horsham.

At his home he showed her weapons including axes, leaving her “terrified”. He took her phone away and plied her with wine.

He then showed her a “disturbing” film which depicted scenes of rape.

The pair had consensual sex and later he tried to strangle her.

He denied two choking charges, assaults and making death threats but was found guilty by a jury.

It was revealed that Scott-O’Connor, an appliance repair man, had searched the internet for “is choking someone during sex normal?”.

His computer also showed examples of other women he had photographed, it was revealed.

At Hove Crown Court, Judge Paul Tain said Scott-O’Connor’s desire to have sex with unconscious women was tantamount to rape.

The court was told the defendant harboured “dark, violent sexual fantasies”.

The judge said: “I am absolutely certain that were the defendant at liberty, there would be a substantial risk of him committing further offences of this type.”

He said Scott-O’Connor was dangerous, and had left both women emotionally

and psychologically traumatised.

He described the “degradation” of one victim having love bites which were clearly visible and said Scott-O’Connor was “odious” and “manipulative”.

The judge imposed a 17-year extended jail sentence.

Scott-O’Connor must serve at least two thirds of the term before he can apply for parole.