A ROW over school parking turned into a fight when parents confronted a father who stopped on double yellow lines.

JT Bowlin said he was held up against a wall by the enraged driver in front of horrified parents, teachers and children.

He said the man called his wife Sarah a “b***h” for knocking on his car window and asking him to move.

The couple have been campaigning to stop people dropping off and picking up on the yellow lines outside Swiss Gardens Primary School in Shoreham for ten years.

Badly parked cars can force children to walk in the road.

The school is concerned about pupils’ safety and has warned parents to park elsewhere.

The scuffle took place opposite the school gates on Wednesday.

Mr Bowlin said: “We were talking to parents on the school run about the dangers of parking on the lines.

“This man was in his car and parked on the double yellows. We knocked on the window and politely outlined the problem.

“He got really irate. He called my wife a b***h. He was screaming at her and spouting obscenities.

“When I said his behaviour wasn’t acceptable he grabbed me and pushed me up against a wall. He was a big man.

“I felt really threatened. I thought he was going to hit me. He started shouting at me, telling me to take a swing at him and calling me a p***y when I didn’t. This was in front of all the other parents, teachers and children.

“He really showed himself up. I’m just trying to make the road safe for my kids and everyone here.”

Mr Bowlin said the row erupted after the man claimed he was entitled to park on the lines because he had a blue badge.

But Mr Bowlin said there was no sign of a badge on the windscreen and while the man was waiting to pick up his child, he checked the rules and found he was not allowed to park there without displaying one.

This, he said, was the moment the man became aggressive. Mr Bowlin said: “There seems to be a lot of anger about it, but this is enough now. We’ve been dealing with this for ten years. It’s time to stop this dangerous practice even if it causes a bit of conflict. It’s just lazy and selfish. All parents have to do is park a few minutes down the road. We have two children at the school and one joining in September. We’re afraid for them. How can parents be so selfish?”

Almost a quarter of crashes where child pedestrians are killed take place during school leaving hours.

The school’s headteacher Lawrence Caughlin said: “The school is concerned about the safety of children outside the school due to some thoughtless and often unsafe parking.

“We continue to encourage our families to park responsibly.

“We also continue to work with Worthing and Adur councils on parking enforcement. They periodically send traffic wardens to patrol at the end of the school day. This is a problem for many schools and I would hate to think it would take an accident or injury to change some people’s behaviour.”