THE victims of a dangerous fantasist have described how they feel “broken” by him.

Neil Scott-O’Connor wanted to choke two women to indulge his “dark sexual fantasies”.

At Hove Crown Court last week, the 23-year-old, who worked as an appliance repair engineer, was jailed for 17 years.

In court his victims, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said Scott-O’Connor had bullied them and made them feel worthless.

A teenager was in a relationship with him without realising he already had a relationship on the go with another woman

The 17-year-old was both charmed and belittled into going to bed with him.

Scott-O’Connor, of St Michael’s Way, Partridge Green, near Horsham, denied two choking charges, assaults and making death threats

but he was found guilty by a jury.

The court heard the first woman was left “absolutely terrified” and was “tagged” by him with love bites all over her neck, against her will.

Scott-O’Connor struck her with a wine glass, made threats to kill her and her baby son.

He pulled her hair and choked her “multiple times”.

She said: “Even in that short space of time I feel manipulated and broken by him.

“Before our relationship I was confident, but he made me feel worthless.

“I felt nothing I ever did was good enough.

“I don’t feel I will ever get back to being like the old me again.”

Scott-O’Connor turned on the charm on Facebook with the 17-year-old, pretending he wanted romance and a loving relationship.

But his charm and his offer to take her out to dinner turned into a “first date from hell” when she went to his home.

He took her phone away, and showed her his array of weapons, including axes, to intimidate her.

Scott-O’Connor plied her with wine and made her watch a violent and “disturbing” film about rape.

The couple had consensual sex but later he tried to choke her.

She said: “In less than 24 hours I was with him, he traumatised me.

“It still haunts me.”

The victim said she was left feeling “extremely anxious, upset, terrified and paranoid”.

Scott-O’Connor had made a Google search asking: “Is choking someone during sex normal?”

He also took pictures of other women on his computer.

Judge Paul Tain said Scott-O’Connor had intended to have sex with the women while they were unconscious, which they could not consent to, which is classed as rape.

Scott-O’Connor will

serve more than 11 years before he can be considered for parole.