A STREET was sealed off as armed police negotiated with a man on the roof of a house.

Officers were told the man had a gun. But when they burst into his house, they instead found cannabis and equipment used to grow it.

London Road in Bexhill was shut both ways on Saturday night as police spoke with the man while he was standing on his roof.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “Police were called to an address in London Road, Bexhill, on Saturday afternoon following a report of suspicious activity there allegedly involving a firearm.

“The road was closed outside the address as a precaution in order to help ensure public and officer safety.

“Officers entered the address shortly after 6pm and found a small quantity of cannabis and some equipment for growing the drug.

“A man seen on the roof spoke to officers who were engaging with him to clarify why he was there.”

The force said no firearms had been recovered and enquiries are under way to determine the root of these fears.

The man remained on the roof for some time before fire crews were drafted in to get him down.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service used a crane to access the roof and he was brought down safely.

London Road was still closed at 9pm on Saturday night.

Police said they had managed to bring the incident under control, adding: “The situation is contained and there is no current threat to nearby residents.”