A RARE turtle which was found stranded off the coast has died.

The injured olive ridley turtle, usually found in Mexico or the Canaries, was spotted 20m off Seaford beach on Saturday.

It was taken to Brighton Sea Life centre for emergency care but could not be saved.

In a statement, the centre said: “The female turtle presented with a very low body temperature and severe dehydration, as well as some other injuries.

“Despite the very best efforts of our specialist marine biology and veterinary teams, the turtle hasn’t survived.”

The centre said the the species was normally found in warmer climates and it was unsure why it was found in cold, shallow waters.

Announcing the animal’s death “with great sadness”, it thanked everyone involved in the rescue attempt.

This vulnerable species of turtle was also found in British waters in 2016, off the north coast of Wales.

Nettie Glandfield saw the turtle on the beach and saw it had injuries to its face and shell.

She said: “I was very shocked. My mum called me while I was on a bike ride, and I came to the beach as fast as I could.

“It was amazing, I’d never seen a turtle this close before, and it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience for all of us.”