A GYM specialising in exercise bike workouts is gearing up for expansion.

Rox fitness studio in Hove’s Western Road will soon have a basement room filled with punch bags for boxing alongside its current gym filled with 32 exercise bikes.

The new room will also be used for yoga and weight training. Fitness instructors will be able to run two classes at once.

The improvements are being installed this week as the gym expands to meet growing demand and a January influx of customers.

Rox bills itself as a boutique fitness studio. There are “luxury changing rooms” and members are called “Roxstars”. They say they are on a “journey empowering mind and body from start to finish”. With workouts involving sprints and weights, they come to “get their hips flowing and sweaty faces glowing”.

Membership manager Jasmine Becker, 23, said: “The new studio takes you to a different place.

“In the dark light and music from the sound system it makes you forget everything else and focus.”

The basement studio is low-lit by neon tube bulbs. Black punch-balls dangle from the ceiling. Members are provided with gloves so fitness instructors can show them the ropes.

Upstairs, they are handed a pair of clip-on cycle shoes, or “cleats”, for an intensive bike class led by a personal trainer at the front of the large, dark studio.

Jasmine said: “In a gym, you’re not told how everything works. But people love our classes led by personal trainers. They’re really fun. Everyone’s enjoying themselves.

“And it’s not just for really fit people who do triathlons. We’ve got people from 16 to 60 coming to our classes. There’s such a range.”

She said there are even Prosecco Fridays, where members can enjoy a free drink with a spin.