PHOTOGRAPHERS snapped up the chance to capture some unusual cloud formations as temperatures continue to plummet.

The Stratocumulus clouds were spotted across Sussex this evening.

This unusual and impressive scene has dominated the skyline since around 4pm.

A weather forecaster explained: “Whenever we get high pressure in the winter months we tend to see this type of cloud.

"Its the boundary between a layer of warm and cold air where condensation occurs – it’s a normal winter high-pressure cloud and nothing to worry about."

The Argus:

By Bruce Amstrad

The picture above is shot by Stuart Cragg over Newhaven and shows a layer of textured cloud stretching over the land.

The odd formations come as the Met Office launched a level two cold weather alert across the south of England at 9am this morning.

The weather service said there was a 70 per cent probability of severe cold weather until 9am on Wednesday.

The Argus:

By Andy Oppenheimer

A spokesman said: “This cold weather alert extends the duration of the current cold spell to include Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, with frost and freezing fog patches again likely in the south of England in particular.”

Temperatures are set to drop to below freezing overnight.