A MAN who ran over his girlfriend has begged to be let out of jail, saying he pushed her but did not run her over.

Jamie Williams, 29, was jailed for assault occasioning actual bodily harm after beating up Shelley Kidd on a road trip from Brighton to Basildon.

He punched her in the head, pushed her out of the car and ran over her leg.

But in an attempt to appeal against his convictions, Williams claimed he had only pushed his former partner and she had been dragged along by the car.

He claimed evidence from a nurse described her injuries as more likely to have been caused by being dragged along the road than driven over.

However, he accepted that clear tyre marks were visible on her leg.

Appeal court judges Tim Holroyde, Mark Warby and Sarah Munro QC dismissed his application at the Court of Appeal.

Giving their ruling, Judge Munro said: “There was ample evidence to support Ms Kidd’s account and the causation of her injuries.

“Even now, he has not produced any expert evidence to contradict her case. We have considered the evidence and reviewed all the material again.

“Having done so, we have no doubt that there is no arguable ground of appeal and no basis for the admission of any fresh evidence.”

Ms Kidd told his original trial there was “a massive tyre burn” on her leg and that “he’s driven off and the back tyre has gone over my right leg”.

Judge Munro said in a written ruling published following the hearing in November: “Williams was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and dangerous driving as a result of those allegations.

The evidence at trial included the 999 calls as well as medical evidence and photographs of the complainant’s injuries.

Judge Munro said: “He did not in his evidence put forward an alternative explanation for her injuries, but agreed the medical evidence.

“Today he has told us that he did in fact push the complainant and that was how she occasioned her injuries.”

The trial judge Janet Waddicor, sitting at Lewes Crown Court, said Williams “went berserk” when he attacked Ms Kidd and then used the “fanciful” defence of trying to blame his ADHD for his actions.

Describing the effect of the attack on her, Ms Kidd said: “This was a person who was supposed to love me that did this.

“I don’t want Jamie Williams anywhere near me, I don’t want to see him ever again.”

Williams, formerly of Brighton and also formerly of St James Road in Braintree, was sentenced to serve a total of three years in custody for the attack on Ms Kidd, a common assault on her friend who was also in the car, fraud and dangerous driving.

He was also banned from driving for three years.

Explaining the new evidence Williams sought to use to have his convictions quashed, Judge Munro said: “The new material was primarily a report that referred to the belief of an unidentified member of ambulance staff to the effect that the injuries were consistent with her being dragged by the car and not run over by it.

“In any event the complainant had a tyre mark (or marks) on her leg.”