MAY I put a new “spin “ on the reason for global warming.

The Earth is just a large spinning ball Orbiting around the Sun and held in its orbit I assume, by gravity, and its weight has effect on the gravitation pull. What happens to that gravitational pull if you change and reduce its weight, for that is what we are doing. We are extracting million of tons of mineral from below its surface and therefore greatly reducing its weight. Another factor is from where we are reducing its weight. This weight reduction is not evenly spread across the whole planet but in specific areas.

So I ask is this human activity putting the earth in a different orbit and is it effecting the “spinning ball “ effect. As a simple example. Watch how a snooker player hits one side of the ball to make it curve and deviate in its path across the table. Is this happening to the Earth and causing Global Warming? I am not qualified to answer that question only to ask it.

John Armstrong

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