THE partner of a man who died in emergency housing wants better care for men with mental health issues.

Charlotte Bennett’s boyfriend Jamie Bray was found dead at the Wardley Hotel in Somerhill Avenue, Hove, on July 20 last year, 12 weeks after the birth of their son.

At the inquest into his death on Thursday, the court heard 31-year-old Jamie, who had been diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder, had died from heroin toxicity, but he was not a known user of the drug.

Charlotte told the court Jamie had been homeless and was living on an allotment near Worthing in October 2018, but he was not offered accommodation through West Sussex County Council until his family took legal action.

Speaking after the inquest, Charlotte said: “Jamie explained the list of medication he was on to the council, and they gave him £15 to buy a sleeping bag.

“It wasn’t until his mum got a solicitor involved that he was offered housing.”

Jamie was placed at the Wardley Hotel on Christmas Eve in 2018, but his mental health had deteriorated and he made several attempts to take his own life.

Charlotte said: “He was taken to Mill View Hospital, but they let him go as an outpatient. I was absolutely fuming.

“The Wardley was not a safe place for him to be. I overheard someone there knocking on his door and asking to swap his medication for other drugs.

“I explained to him about keeping safe but he was being harassed. He did want to have friends and he trusted these people.”

Charlotte and Jamie’s mother Angie Bray believe he was let down by mental health and social services.

Charlotte said: “Mental health in regards to men is not taken seriously enough. I think the council board are sexist, in a way.

“Accommodation for vulnerable adults needs to change – the staff are not trained to help people with mental health problems.”

Angie said: “Jamie was too vulnerable to be in emergency accommodation – he should have been in hospital. We have to accept that he got involved with the drugs, but there was a lot of coercion and he was so easily led.

“He’s just another another statistic. It’s got to stop.”