FROM what I read in the newspapers, it seems that ordinary people of the United Kingdom have been duped and taken for complete fools.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are about to quit this country for their new independent life in Canada (or LA... whatever you believe) and yet Prince Charles will continue to fund Harry and Meghan’s lifestyle from the Duchy of Cornwall Estate.

The last official figures for 2019 show that Charles received about £21.5 million from the Duchy, after income taxes were paid.

He has received similar proportionate sums from this estate every single year since he was invested as Prince of Wales in 1969.

To give Harry and Meghan some of this money to fund their new independent lifestyle is a national disgrace.

Yes, every ordinary father wants to help their children in times of trouble but Charles is not ordinary and morally this money is not his... it belongs to the British people. He is simply the guardian of the Duchy.

When ordinary people hand in their notice to quit a job, they don’t get to keep their future annual salaries.

Why should Harry and Meghan be any different?

The reality is that this is about to happen however much spin has been put out by the Royal Court to suggest otherwise.

I am a life-long royalist but I won’t be for much longer.

The Government must change the rules for the Prince of Wales and this so-called “private income” he receives from the Duchy of Cornwall.

Income tax on this estate must be doubled or trebled so that our elected Government decides who gets this money, not Prince Charles.

The law must be changed right now, for this is surely an abuse of power by the Royal family.

It has gone beyond the realms of honesty and decency.

If Harry and Meghan want to leave the UK, then good luck to them but they must leave everything else behind, except for their memories, as every other ordinary person would.

Peter D Mitchell, Address supplied