A TRUSTWORTHY worker is wanted to deal with a police internet auction page.

Sussex Police has been running an eBay account for more than a decade. In that time, nearly 30,000 items have been sold, raising nearly £900,000, mostly for good causes.

The property on offer includes items which have been handed in to the police as lost property and seized goods from criminals.

The force has now advertised a job role for someone to take over the management of the site, which currently lists scores of items.

As The Argus went to print, items on offer included old police ceremonial tunics, Yankee Candles, Nike Air Max trainers and golf clubs.

The force’s director of people services Adrian Rutherford said the new role is for someone to list property on eBay and to sort out the postage and packing of items.

He said: “This police staff role will be responsible for managing the sale of seized and found property, where the owners have not come forward and cannot be traced.

“To date, more than £840,000 has been generated through our eBay site on goods that would otherwise have been thrown away.

“This is an administrative post at an appropriate grade that will be entirely funded through this work at no cost to the taxpayer.”

The starting salary is up to £20,619.

Sussex Police Federation chairman Matt Webb told The Sun he was concerned the starting salary was very close to that of a PC about to embark on their career, despite the roles not being in any way comparable.

Mr Webb said officers’ starting salaries have been kept low by politicians and police chiefs. But Mr Rutherford said: “Police officer wages are set nationally, and not by local forces, with student officers on the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship commencing a starting salary of £22,380. A police constable can expect their salary to rise to £41,628 per annum after the completion of seven years’ service.”

To view the site search eBay for Sussex Police Property Disposals.