A WOMAN says a confusing road sign is “an accident waiting to happen”.

Dominique Mitchell, 63, from Seven Dials in Brighton, fears drivers relying on a temporary sign near the Valley Gardens roadworks will be “caught out if they make the slightest mistake”.

The yellow sign in North Road tells drivers they can turn left or right when they reach a set of traffic lights in Grand Parade. But at the lights, they are forced to make a right turn, meaning baffled drivers in the left hand lane have to cut in.

Dominique makes the journey regularly but said: “I’m aware of it – but if someone doesn’t know Brighton and they carry on past North Road and doesn’t see the sign, they’ve had it. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

“My worst fear is that someone could go really fast, turn right and cut up another car. There are pedestrians close by. What happens if cars crash near them? It could hit someone, or a car could ricochet over into oncoming traffic.”

At the lights yesterday morning some drivers seemed confused by the road layout, honking and veering at the last minute.

Dominique said: “You think you’ve got priority but suddenly a car zooms in.

“If a van swoops in it could smash a small car and cause a serious crash, especially if someone didn’t have a seat belt on.”

Dominique is calling for clear, accurate signage.

She said: “It’s all very good they’re doing works but a driver could be caught out if they make the slightest mistake – especially because a sign at that level is difficult to see at night. It’s very poorly indicated. Drivers may not be aware of the new road layout.”

Brighton and Hove City Council admitted the road layout “can be confusing” and said it would “review signage”.

A spokeswoman said: “Feedback is always welcome and important as our contractors are able to respond to issues experienced by road users. We will review signage and lining to help clarify the situation.

“The temporary layout at the bottom of North Road at the junction with Marlborough Place has been in place since September. Our contractors are managing the transition between the old and new transport network. We do appreciate that temporary changes can be confusing and traffic management is checked on a daily basis to ensure site safety and to comply with regulations.”