DRUG-DEALING and antisocial behaviour are causing “chaos” at a block of flats.

Residents at Ardingly Court near St James’s Street in Brighton say they are too frightened to leave their homes.

They say that despite police patrols, no action has been taken to curb the drug deals for heroin and cocaine.

One dealer even boasted of making £5,000 a week, they claimed.

Meanwhile it was reported one pensioner was so afraid, she is sleeping in her hallway.

But police say they will act on reports of crime and have encouraged residents to come forward.

When The Argus approached residents in the area, many said they were too afraid to speak out for fear of reprisals.

One man who was visiting his elderly mother said: “It is mainly elderly residents in these blocks, which is why we don’t want drug dealing here.

“Normally there is a group of between ten or 15 people milling around from the early evening until late at night.

“You see expensive cars coming and you don’t know if they are here to pick up or drop off drugs.”

Meanwhile another resident said: “Drug dealers have caused chaos, there are three or four police callouts every day.

“An 83-year-old resident is so scared she is sleeping in her hallway. No one will come out of their homes because they are so frightened.

“This could and should have been stamped out straight away and many tenants who have their homes here no longer wish to be here.”

There are fears that addresses in Ardingly Court and the surrounding area are being used for drug deals. There have been previous problems in the underground car park below St James’s House, which is opposite.

A resident said: “One man bragged about how he was taking in excess of £5,000 a week from drugs and was looking for another property to work from in the area.”

Police Community Support Officers were at the site when The Argus went to speak with residents.

But some tenants feel action has not been tough enough.

One said: “The police don’t seem to be interested or bothered by the goings on.

“We can’t understand why no police action has been taken.

“We are left hoping that it will eventually go back to normal, but we are scared that it has been allowed to continue for far to long.

“Police will only take action when someone is seriously injured, either stabbed or shot.”

In response, the police said officers were aware of the concerns raised by the residents at Ardingly Court, and said patrols have been carried out. Inspector Karen Osborn said: “We would urge any residents at Ardingly Court and the neighbouring area with concerns or information about criminal activity to contact us.”