POLICE have launched an investigation into the potential supply of drugs at a school.

This follows four pupils at Robertsbridge Community College near Battle were expelled after one boy was found to have taken ecstasy at school last Friday.

The school confirmed the incident in a letter to parents.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “A police investigation is underway into the potential supply of drugs at a school in Robertsbridge after two pupils were taken to hospital suffering from the effects of taking an unknown tablet, possibly ecstasy. They were later discharged with no concerns for their medical welfare.

“The amounts are believed to be small, but three 15-year-old boys are currently being treated as suspects. There have been no arrests.

Detective Sergeant Paul Elrick said: “We are working with the school to reinforce the message around the dangers of drug experimenting.

“Any parent or pupil with concerns around the incident can talk to the school or to me directly.”