YOUTHS are “risking their lives” by clinging on to moving buses.

Brighton and Hove Bus Company has issued a warning after video clips emerged of reckless groups being caught in the act which has been dubbed “bus surfing”.

Managing director of the bus company Martin Harris said: “It’s extremely concerning that some young people are still risking their lives by behaving in such an irresponsible way.

“To anyone tempted to replicate this dangerous act – please stop and think about how this could ruin your own and your family’s lives.”

Police have said that not only is it “extremely dangerous” but it is also a criminal offence.

Gee Martin filmed a group in Western Road, Brighton, earlier this month.

She said the youths were clinging on to the number 49 bus for three minutes.

And Mohamed Derdera spotted a separate group in Oxford Street while he was eating at an Indian takeaway.

The group hung on to the moving bus as it turned into busy London Road.

The bus company said there is CCTV on the back of the buses for drivers to use when reversing.

This can be downloaded and the company said it may be able to identify the culprits from the footage.

Brighton and Hove Buses’ police liaison officer PC Jay Jackson said it appeared to be a very small group of young people involved.

He said: “If you see somebody hanging off the back of a bus, it’s a danger to life.

“Please report it immediately to the police on 999.”

PC Jackson said that as well as being extremely dangerous, hanging off the back of a moving vehicle was a criminal offence under section 26 of the Road Traffic Act.

Daredevils are filming themselves hanging off the back of buses, or on some occasions, on top of the roof.

They then post the footage to YouTube.

There are clips online of people “bus surfing” in Brighton, Bristol and Manchester.

In one film, called The Drive Home, youths can be seen clinging on to a Brighton and Hove bus as it travels along the A259 seafront road.