Warning: Video contains explicit language

A FURIOUS driver launched into a sweary tirade at another motorist who he claimed hit his car.

During the road rage induced rant, caught on camera by a passerby, the man holds a car door open while berating the person inside an orange car.

Screaming at the driver in Marine Parade, the sweary man said: “You do not f***ing hit my car.

“Who the hell do you think you are?

“How dare you? Seriously.”

During a one minute tirade, the livid man, who is seemingly parked behind the orange car, berates the other driver for not leaving enough room to pull out.

“You’re f***ing mad mate,” he screams.

Blue sirens can be seen going past the incident, but no emergency services appear to stop.

The video cuts out just as an elderly woman in a blue coat attempts to ease tensions.

It is not clear when the video was taken, but it was uploaded on Youtube today.

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