PEOPLE are being asked to donate their buildings to be used as a homeless shelter.

Brighton and Hove City Council wants to find more safe places for rough sleepers to stay overnight.

This would be on top of the authority’s severe weather emergency protocol shelter (SWEP) which opens between 7pm and 7am when weather conditions are extreme and likely to put people at risk if they are outside overnight.

The council said it is seeking people with “buildings or halls we could use overnight to provide shelter for some of the most vulnerable people in our city”.

Councillor Nichole Brennan, lead for rough sleeping, said: “If you can help please get in touch.

“We’re doing all we can to help people who are living rough on our streets.

“They need compassion and support to rebuild their lives and the least we can do is help provide shelter on the coldest nights.

“SWEP is one part of a range of services we have in place to support vulnerable people to move away from the streets.

“We work with partners across the city to help those in need and we welcome support from residents and businesses.”

The council is currently using Brighton Town Hall as the main SWEP building and opens additional buildings when the demand rises.

A spokesman said: “The service is fully staffed and resourced. People who are rough sleeping are provided with bedding and food. All we need is more space in buildings that have toilet facilities available.”