PRINCE Harry and Meghan will stop using their HRH titles this spring.

They will also stop formally representing the Queen and receiving public funds for royal duties.

But the couple will be keeping their titles as Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

They are unlikely to spend much time in the county, though. They say they will divide their time between North America and the UK and they are now in Canada. Laurie Churchman asked people in and around The Lanes in Brighton whether they think the Sussexes are good for Sussex.

The Argus:

Nugent Brown, 45, works for the city council, housing the homeless. He said: “I just don’t care. I’m not a royalist. What use are they? We spend a lot of money on them and I’m not sure what we get back.

“They spent hundreds of thousands on two orangeries at their stupid Frog house so they can appreciate them in the summer.

“Who cares about the Royal Family when we’ve got real things to deal with like homelessness?

“All we get is fawning fans and column inches filled with stuff about the royal family.

“The first five pages of most papers have been about them.

“I don’t know why anyone cares, but then again I try not to judge public opinion after people voted the Tories back in.

“We live in a bubble in Brighton and we think everyone thinks the same as us, but they don’t.

“It’s great they’re going to Canada, I guess.”

The Argus:

Lawyer Sarah Bullen, from Brighton, was walking her labradoodle Snuffles.

She said: “The Sussexes don’t do much for Sussex. They do absolutely nothing. They’ve barely even been to visit.

“My view, for what it’s worth, is that Meghan wanted the title to further her own ambitions. The county of Sussex is of no interest to her. She doesn’t care about the place.

“She’s confused celebrity with duty – as a sassy pensioner, that’s my view.

“I think it’s a shame they’re leaving though. I’m not a royalist but Harry has had a desperately sad life, and his loyalties are clearly torn.”

The Argus:

“They do put the county on the map”, said Brightonian Robert Howley.

“I would have thought they would spend more time here, though.

“It’s a shame because the Sussexes could have seen a lot here.

“They could have spent time in the Royal Pavilion or visited Arundel castle, the seat of the Duke of Norfolk.

“I understand why they’ve gone to Canada.

“The Queen is head of state in Canada so Harry has no problems with residency and Meghan has dual citizenship.

“They don’t have trouble as you and I would.

“Still, I think the institution of the monarchy is a total waste of money.

“Where Harry made the big mistake was thinking he could be half here, half there, still doing his royal duties while stepping back.

“His grandmother must have explained it wouldn’t be possible.”

The Argus:

Sally Waters and her partner Rob Burgess, 53, were in The Lanes to celebrate her 47th birthday.

Rob doesn’t care about the Sussexes stepping back but Sally said: “I just love the royals. Everyone should be able to make their own choices about what they do.

“Let’s be positive and hope Meghan and Harry find a better life.

“It’s a shame Sussex has lost its royals, but Harry and Meghan have done it for their self-preservation.

“When you look at the big picture it seems fair there’s so much interest in their personal lives.

“But when you think about them as individuals, it does seem a bit much.”

The couple say it’s not a big deal that they disagree.

Rob said: “I don’t care about what Harry and Meghan decide to do, but it’s no problem to me that Sally does. We never argue about it, and it means you get both sides of the story.”

The Argus:

Julie Hallhall, 40, from Brighton, said: “They do a lot of stuff for Sussex and local charities.

“They’re personable and I really like Harry. He’s polite and well mannered.

“I think Meghan has been treated unfairly.

“A lot of the stuff said about her – particularly about her background – is unpleasant because people don’t think she fits the supposed mould of royalty.

“The Sussexes have said they don’t want to step away entirely and they’re still supporting the Royal Family.

“Harry’s not immediately in line to the throne anyway so fair enough.

“And who wouldn’t want to live in Canada with the state of the climate crisis here?”

The Argus:

Decorator Felix De Frates, 32, from Brighton, said: “What did they ever do for Sussex?

“Will we notice them gone? I haven’t seen them around.

“I really don’t know what they do. I imagine nothing will change.

“Still, they’ve got a right to step down. It doesn’t matter if Harry is royal – he didn’t ask for it. He’s a modern man.

“He dressed up as a Nazi, didn’t he?

“The Queen’s got an old fashioned way of doing things, but he’s more like, ‘I can do what I want’.

“I don’t think they deserve all this attention. They’ve got a right to do what they want. They don’t have to follow tradition.

“It’s only people in their fifties and sixties paying attention anyway.

“No one else really cares.”

The Argus:

Shakil Ahmed, 46, and Sohail Iqbal, 32, from London, were in Brighton for a conference.

Sohail said: “I personally feel slightly let down they’re leaving Sussex and England altogether.

“I understand they want to go, and it’s not like Harry’s going to be king unless anything drastic happens.

“But he’s a national treasure to people.”

Shakil said: “Meghan is obviously nice, but she’s an actor.

“I’m in two minds about all this.

“They may have done a good thing for the royals, opening up new doors.”

The Argus:

Brightonian Clare McGinn, 20, said: “It’s not a problem for Sussex.

“I don’t see why it’s a problem for anyone.

“She left her family for him.

“Why is there such a backlash now it’s the other way round?

“They’ve got a right to go to Canada, and the amount of scrutiny they get is unfair.

“They’re just normal people.

“They both have strong characters, and they’re not afraid to be themselves.

“The criticism of Meghan is unfair. She’s just fallen in love with someone.

“Harry’s a good character. It’s not his fault he was born into the Royal Family.

“He’s done a lot for us and he’s had a hard life with everything that happened with Diana.”