HUGH Laurie has been spotted filming a new BBC drama in Sussex.

The actor was shooting scenes for new political thriller called Roadkill, which will be aired later this year.

Filming units took over parts of the Pelham car park on Hastings seafront on January 7.

A Hastings Borough Council spokesman said: “We have confirmed with the location manager that it is a BBC drama which will be aired in 2020. We aren’t able to say any more.”

The four-part fictional drama, written by David Hare (Collateral, White Crow) sees Peaky Blinders star Helen McCrory cast as the prime minister and Hugh Laurie as self-made, charismatic politician Peter Laurence.

The BBC said: “Peter’s public and private life seems to be falling apart – or rather is being picked apart by his enemies.

“As the personal revelations spiral, he is shamelessly untroubled by guilt or remorse, expertly walking a high wire between glory and catastrophe as he seeks to further his own agenda whilst others plot to bring him down.

“However events show just how hard it is, for both an individual and a country, to leave the past behind.

“With enemies so close to home, can Peter Laurence ever out-run his own secrets to win the ultimate prize?”