A BOXER’s home was raided by thieves 18 months after he laid down a challenge to crooks to try and break in to his heavily guarded house.

Chris Eubank Jr’s Hove mansion was ransacked by burglars on Wednesday evening with the crooks making off with thousands of pounds worth of belongings.

They broke in while he was out overnight with seven pairs of Louboutin shoes and his boxing gloves being taken.

But 18 months ago the WBA interim champion invited burglars to try and negotiate their way past his house’s extensive safety measures, which include nine CCTV cameras and a home security system.

In 2018 the 30-year-old made a thinly-veiled threat that he would put a stop to any would-be intruders with a baseball bat.

Yet he came home on Thursday morning to find thieves had trashed the property.

The fighter later laughed at the intruders’ ineptitude as he filmed himself taking a valuable watch out of the pocket of a leather jacket which the burglars had carelessly thrown onto the floor.

In a video of his recently raided bedroom shared on his Instagram account, which has since been deleted, he said: “I have no doubt the people responsible for this burglary follow me on social media, so I am sure you guys are going to see this.

“I just wanted to take this time to tell you how terrible you are at your craft of being a thief.

“Of all the things you could have taken in this room, you decided to take a jacket off this rail and throw it onto the floor. I have no idea why.

“If you had been good at your job and actually taken the time to inspect this garment, which you so rudely threw on the floor, you would have found this.”

He held the bejewelled watch up to the camera saying it was worth “about 100 times (the value of) everything you took in this house”.

“The joke’s on you, you absolute scumbags,” he added.

But he also slammed the actions of the burglars as he showed followers a set of glass doors which had been smashed during the break-in.

He said: “I have come into my house this morning to find that some little low lifes have been in here snarking (sic) like the little rats they are.”

Sussex Police said they are investigating a burglary in which “intruders made an untidy search of bedrooms and stole a quantity of clothing”.