TV dating show fans have begged for producers to intervene after a contestant was branded “dangerous”.

Fans called for Connor Durman to be removed from Love Island after an expletive-laden rant on Friday night.

Coffee bean salesman and part-time naked butler Connor said he felt “f***ing uncomfortable” after his love interest in the show Sophie Piper paid compliments to fellow contestants.

Fans were shocked by his outburst, with many viewers taking to social media pleading with the show bosses to remove Connor, of Worthing, due to his “dangerous” tendencies.

One said: “The producers need to drag him out of there.”

Another said: “Honestly the producers need to get Connor out of the villa ASAP,”

A third said: “Connor is insecure to a dangerous level, like this isn’t normal behaviour?”

Connor had already apologised for his controlling behaviour in the show last week.

Fans shared their concerns when he lost his temper with Sophie after she celebrated the arrival of two new boys into the TV dating show’s villa.

Connor, 25, said he felt “mugged off” by her reaction and pulled the 21-year-old aside to “speak to her”.

She explained she had only been “joking with the girls”.

But Connor failed to see the funny side as Sophie was chosen by new boy, 6ft 3in model Connagh Howard, to go for a date and later shared a smooch with him in a game of “beer pong dares”.

Fans called the behaviour “controlling” with one viewer saying: “Connor is so controlling having the audacity to talk to Sophie like that, I’m fuming.”