PEOPLE with mobility issues are pressing for action after pebbles were repeatedly swept on to a promenade.

They said the stones which were hurled on to the path by recent storms meant they were unable to visit the beach in Brighton and Hove.

Sherrie Fox lives in Hove and relies on an electronic wheelchair to get around due to several long-term health conditions.

The 54-year-old said: “It was a lovely day and everyone was out on the promenade, it was beautiful.

“But half the path was completely blocked with pebbles. So I could not walk along the railings and, because it was busy, I could not even get a look at the sea.

“I live with pain 24/7 and going over pebbles makes this worse.”

She said the promenade was blocked all the way between Hove Lawns and the Palace Pier.

Sherrie said: “The council are probably thinking it will happen again but they have got to think of people like me who want to enjoy the promenade.

“You expect the pebbles to be there the days after a big storm but by the second day you would think there would be an effort to clean it, it’s the council’s duty to keep the place tidy.

“I’m Brightonian and I have seen a whole lot of decline over the years, it’s just not the same any more.”

Kieran McDonald encountered similar problems when he tried to visit the beach with his family, including his daughter who has mobility issues.

The police officer said: “If you have a shingle beach then you should have a budget to clear that up after a storm.

“It is not OK to close the beach to less able-bodied people for two weeks.”

He said he had contacted Wish ward councillor Robert Nemeth about the problem.

Cllr Nemeth said: “Whilst the Labour administration cannot be blamed for the weather, it is right and proper that a policy is in place for keeping the seafront clear of stones that takes into account the varying needs of users.

“I know that many conscientious members of the public keep the promenade swept, including many Parkrun volunteers, but there does need to be council action underpinning this.

“I have requested a review of the situation and will report back as soon as I know more.”

A Brighton and Hove city Council spokeswoman said: “The pebbles were swept on to the promenade by the recent storms and high winds.

“The storms also resulted in extensive damage to the Albion Groyne.

“Major repair work to this listed structure is currently underway by the Coastal Defence Engineers.

“While this takes place, we are advising people to avoid the Albion Groyne altogether and have erected barriers there as it is currently not a safe area.

“There is no exit from the groyne once accessed and we are still in the grip of the storm season.

“Once the work is completed and the groyne is accessible and safe for the public to enjoy we will remove the barriers and clear the pebbles from the area.

“The lower promenade shops and businesses however are still accessible and open for business.

“While we do try to keep the promenade clear, keeping it pebble-free all the time during the stormy winter weather does make this more of a challenge.”