POLITICIANS representing Sussex in the European Parliament returned from Brussels with mixed emotions.

Brighton and Hove mayor and MEP for South East England Alex Phillips wept in the European Parliament chamber on Wednesday as politicians sang Auld Lang Syne to mark Brexit.

She later said on Twitter she was hopeful the UK would one day return to the EU.

“This is a very, very, sad day for the UK and for the EU,” she wrote.

“But I remain hopeful one day we will return.

“We may be leaving but our communities will not be divided.”

Meanwhile fellow South East MEP and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage made a dramatic speech in the European Parliament saying Britain was “too big to bully”.

“I know you’re going to miss us, I know you want to ban our national flags, but we’re going to wave you goodbye,” he declared.

“No more being talked down to, no more being bullied. No more Guy Verhofstadt. What’s not to like?”

Mr Farage ended his speech by waving a Union Flag before he was joined by other Brexit MEPS.