BREXIT has split the nation down the middle, remain and leave, but on January 31 – ‘Brexit Day’ –after years of arguing back and forth, we will leave the EU.

Here are a few events where you can celebrate or grieve the momentous occasion, depending on your political outlook.

Will you be throwing a mock wake with friends or getting together with pals to drink, dance and celebrate?

People to gather on Hove Lawns to 'shine a light for Europe'

Crowds of people are planning a candlelit vigil as the country prepares to officially leave the European Union.

Groups of anti-Brexit campaigners say they want to “shine a light for Europe” ahead of Britain ceasing to be a part of the union at 11pm tonight.

The Argus:

Brighton and Hove for EU chairwoman Susie Courtault said: “January 31 is a very sad day for all those of us who have been fighting for the last three years to stop the UK leaving the EU.

“We decided we would mark this historic moment by shining a light on everything we have achieved together and which we still hold dear; peace, equality, justice, democracy, partnership, scholarship.

“This light will be a symbol of hope for the future as we transition into a new phase of our relationship with the European Union.”

She said the group also planned to sing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy and simultaneously shine their phone lights to mark the occasion.

Susie Courtalt said: “Whether we are able to rejoin in the future is not something any of us can know, but we do know we will continue to share our European culture and values.

“This will not change.

“Brighton and Hove is an inclusive, tolerant and progressive city and we hereby commit to continuing to uphold the values and ideals of the European Union.

“We welcome refugees as a City of Sanctuary.

“We offer our EU27 citizens friendship and solidarity by bringing a yellow rose.

“Our MPs and councillors are very welcome to share with us this message of hope on this saddest of days.”

Artists' Brexit show to feature robots and crockery-smashing

Artists are hosting a Brexit-themed exhibition complete with robots and crockery-smashing.

The husband and wife show at Lock In art gallery in Hove’s in Little Western Street will see artist Rachel Rankin destroy a ceramic plate inscribed with a series of “Brexit lies”.

Meanwhile her husband, the sci-fi author and artist Robert Rankin, will mark the occasion with a piece featuring a robot spattered with blue paint.

Bison Beer

The bar in North Road is having a "We'll Miss EU" tap takeover weekend of European beers.

Station demo

There's a demo/protest starting at 7.30pm from Brighton train station.

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