THE UK will finally leave the European Union at 11pm tonight.

But some areas will be happier about that than others.

The 2016 EU Referendum feels like a long time ago, so we decided to look back at how each area in Sussex voted, ranked from most in favour to Brexit to least in favour.

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1. Arun

The Argus: Littlehampton Harbour

Arun district, which contains the towns of Arundel, Bognor, and Littlehampton, was the biggest Brexit supporter in Sussex.

About 62.5 per cent of voters in the area voted to leave the EU, while only 37.5 per cent wanted to remain.

2. Rother

Rother was largely in favour of Brexit, with 58.5 per cent of voters choosing to leave the EU.

Just 41.5 per cent of voters in the district, which contains Bexhill and Battle, voted against Brexit.

3. Crawley

The Argus: Tory leaders in Crawley in UKIP defection

Crawley ranked narrowly behind Rother in its support for Brexit, with 58.4 per cent of voters supporting Britain's departure from the EU.

Just over 40 per cent of voters opposed leaving the EU.

4. Eastbourne

The Argus: ALL AT SEA: As Eastbourne Pier goes up for sale, there are fears it could be removed from public use by its new owner

A comfortable majority of voters in Eastbourne voted to leave the EU, with 57.3 per cent backing the move in 2016.

Public opinion appears not to have much since. In last year's General Election, pro-EU MP Stephen Lloyd was voted out in favour of Tory Brexiteer Caroline Ansell.

5. Hastings

The Argus: SHUT: Hastings Pier

Opinion over whether the UK should leave the EU was quite divided in Hastings.

Almost 55 per cent of voters backed Brexit in the 2016 election compared to the 45 per cent who did not.

6. Adur

The Argus: New Shoreham footbridge takes shape with September opening date looming

Adur district, which includes Shoreham, voted 54.6 per cent in favour of Brexit.

About 45.4 per cent voted to remain in the EU.

7. Wealden

The Argus: Hailsham Pavilion

A majority of voters in Wealden voted in support of Brexit, with 54.5 per cent saying they wanted to leave the EU.

8. Worthing

The Argus: Worthing Pier

Worthing voters narrowly voted in favour of leaving the EU, with 53 per cent of them ticking the "leave" box.

9. Chichester

The Argus: Chichester Cathedral

Chichester saw the closest result in Sussex in the 2016 EU Referendum.

Just 50.9 per cent of voters backed Brexit compared to 49.1 per cent for remain.

10. Horsham

Horsham was one of four areas in Sussex to back remain.

About 51.5 per cent of voters there said they wanted the UK to stay in the EU.

11. Lewes

The Argus: The scene at the war memorial

Lewes voted 52.1 per cent in favour of remain, compared to 47.9 per cent who backed Brexit.

12. Mid Sussex

The Argus: Sussex Road, Haywards Heath.  Picture: Google Street View

Mid Sussex backed remain by a somewhat comfortable margin, voting 53.1 per cent in favour of staying in the EU.

Former Mid Sussex MP Sir Nicholas Soames was a prominent EU advocate.

But he was replaced in 2019 by pro-Brexit Conservative Mims Davies after Sir Nicholas retired.

14. Brighton and Hove

The Argus: Aquarium roundabout seen from Brighton Wheel

No surprises here - Brighton and Hove backed remaining in the EU by a huge margin in 2016.

About 68.6 per cent of voters ticked the "remain" box in the city.