THE mayor of Brighton and Hove has announced she is “seriously considering” running for leadership of the Green Party.

Alexandra Phillips, councillor for Regency Ward and a 2019 General Election candidate for Brighton Kemptown, is the current mayor of the city.

As of today she is an ex-Member of European Parliament.

She has announced her next move on BBC Radio 4’s PM show.

Cllr Phillips was speaking about waving goodbye to her tenure as a South East MEP when she was asked what she planned to do next.

She replied “I’ve been juggling being Mayor of Brighton alongside being MEP since May so I will be focussing on that for the final four months of that mandate and spending more time surrounded by family.

“I’ve got a young child and potentially, leadership of the Green Party of England and Wales, which will be seeking leaders at the end of the year.”

When asked if she would be running, she replied: “Well, it’s something that I’ve been contemplating and a lot of people have been encouraging me to do so, alongside Magid, who is a colleague here, I’m seriously considering.”

Alexandra Phillips made the admission while speaking to the BBC alongside the Brexit Party’s Alexandra Phillips, who shares the same name.

Cllr Phillps, who was referred to as “Green Alex” during the show, was speaking on Wednesday as she prepared to find a new role in politics after the UK’s departure from the EU.

When asked what she would be doing on the evening of the departure, Cllr Phillips said: “On Friday I’ll be saying goodbye to my staff and the best job in UK politics. Then I’ll be spending it with some friends contemplating the next steps really and how we can influence the next 11 months to try and make sure that this isn’t a race to the bottom and we remain aligned with the EU as much as possible.”

When “Brexit Alex” was asked what she would be doing, the Brexit Party politician replied she would be “celebrating becoming an independent nation once again” while listening to her “Brexit playlist”.

The playlist includes songs such as I Want To Break Free by Queen, Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey and Beat Surrender by The Jam.

“Brexit Alex” then jokingly added that she could help her namesake in any future political campaigns.