TERRIFIED residents can breathe a sigh of relief after a flat linked to drugs and crime was shut down.

Brighton and Hove City Council applied for a closure order at 41 Ardingly Court, off St James’s Street in Brighton.

Tallulah Howell, 41, had been living at the address, but relapsed back into crack cocaine use, it was revealed.

Residents reported domestic violence at the property from Philip Walker, Brighton Magistrates’ Court heard.

Previously, The Argus reported how people living in the block felt “terrified” and too afraid to leave their own homes because of the constant police callouts.

They reported drug dealers “bragging” they could make £5,000 per week in the area.

Many of the residents in the blocks are elderly or vulnerable.

In court, Mike Tyler applied for a closure order on behalf of the council.

He said: “Ms Howell is registered as disabled. She has a substance misuse problem and as far as we know has relapsed back into using crack cocaine.

“Philip Walker was arrested twice at the property. He caused criminal damage by throwing a brick through the main door, and at one point trashed Ms Howell’s flat.

“He was arrested before Christmas, but since then there was an alarming escalation in drugs related antisocial behaviour.

“Drugs were being supplied to the street community and others.”

Mr Tyler revealed there had been 24 separate police CAD reports for incidents at the property between December 14 and January 20.

He said incidents included men flushing bags down the toilet, men outside the property shouting “where’s my gear?” and a man throwing stones at the windows.

Magistrate Alan Hardy signed the closure order and said the council’s case had been proven on the balance of probability. The flat at Ardingly Court was shut down on Friday afternoon by police and council housing staff for three months.

Ed Fish, defending Howell, said she did not oppose the closure order. She left court early so that she could go to the council to find emergency accommodation.