AN ARTS project wants to install bells at the seaside which chime with the ebb and flow of the tide.

Time And Tide Bell has installed seven of the unusual bells across the country.

Now it has launched the “Give Us A Bell” campaign to encourage coastal towns to bid for a bell on their beach.

“The magnificent sculptures celebrate and reinforce connections within and between local communities,” said campaign co-ordinator Peter Gingold.

“They are a gift to the host community, owned, in every sense, by them.

“We would love to hear from coastal communities around the UK who would be interested in hosting one of these beautiful, original sculptures in their area.

“Our vision has always been to have 16 bells around the UK, representing the 16 points on a compass, so we are incredibly pleased new National Lottery funding will allow us to make that vision a reality.”

The unusual bells are forged by Brass Founders in Sheffield.

The Time And Tide Bell project was the brainchild of artist Marcus Vergette, who came up with the idea following the 2001 foot and mouth disease epidemic.

Mr Vergette was “trapped” in quarantine on his Devon farm for six months.

When the epidemic ended church bells rang, inspiring Mr Vergette.