BUSINESSES have been asked to pledge to end unpaid trial shifts.

Brighton and Hove City Council is supporting grassroots group Say No To Unpaid Trial Shifts in a bid to end “unpaid labour”.

“No one should be expected to work for free,” said “community wealth building” chief Councillor Amanda Evans.

“We want to collaborate with businesses and partners to put an end to unpaid labour that is unacceptable, unethical, and unfair.”

The city council is now surveying businesses and workers to “find practical ways of tackling the issue”.

Say No To Unpaid Trial Shifts co-founder Frank Chamberlain said young people’s work was “demeaned” by working free.

“Given so many people, young people and otherwise, rely on a secure income, this practice is both unethical and exploitative,” he said.

“Even short unpaid trial shifts are time consuming, and force vulnerable jobseekers into working for free.

“We want ethical employers to help us raise awareness of this by pledging not to undertake unpaid trial shifts.”