A WOMAN is bringing the art of removing

hair with sugar to the masses.

The art of sugaring has increased in popularity since Stephanie King brought the little-heard-of practice to Brighton.

She runs the London Sugaring Company at the Seven Dials.

Sugaring is a practice as old as Ancient Egypt.

It involves an organic mixture of citric acid, sugar and water.

Mrs King said: “The sticky ball of sugar is moulded on the client’s skin, then the sugarer gives it a flick, removing hair as well as dead skin cells.”

She was one of the first sugarers in the United States about 13 years ago

and is now an expert in this field.

She believes sugaring is the way forward in the hair-removal industry.

Depilation has long been part of many people’s beauty regimes, but traditional methods such as waxing, although more economical, pose risks both to

the skin and the environment.

Mrs King said: “By using wax strips, you’re putting a lot of single-use material in the bin.

“When sugaring, we not only use biodegradable gloves, but one piece of sugar paste is enough to remove hair from two legs,

making this hair-removal alternative an eco-friendly one.

“To me, it was very important to offer a cleaner hair removal method compared to the ones that are commonly available.”

Mrs King offers training through online coaching as well as physical

courses, supported

by a team of trained “sugaristas”, who teach the art to both professionals and amateurs.