South England Exchange continues to bring great students, families and schools together, by giving people the opportunity to host students from abroad which can be a very exciting and rewarding experience for all concerned.

Led by Juliet Cassells, who truly understands all aspects of student exchange, the professional company is actively looking for families who may be planning to host an international student.

"Every September, teenagers from Switzerland, Germany and Italy have left their homes, friends and families to spend a whole year in the UK. Aged between 14 and 17, their courage and optimism is remarkable. They come here to learn more about how we live in England. They have recognised at such a young age that this knowledge can’t be gained from books, TV or social media. They have realised that to truly understand a culture, you have to live it, so they pack up their belongings and  take an admirable step into the wider world. They go to local schools, take exams, join orchestras, dance classes and drama groups. They become part of our community, learning from it, but also contributing to its richness."

Not only can you earn £450 per month by hosting a student from abroad, but you will gain a new family member, benefit the student significantly by playing a key role in developing their growing up experience and be able to enrich your own life by witnessing your surroundings through someone else’s eyes.

Every year, families enthuse about how moving the experience has been for both them and the students. They described how inspiring the decision to become a host has been and how much courage and enthusiasm the students display when coming to discover the world.

Of course, teenagers can also present challenges. The company’s expectations and procedures are very clear, which allows everyone to work together. If any problems do occur, they are quick to respond, solution orientated and fair. The support your family receives is both qualified and caring.

For more information on how to become a host for a student from abroad, visit the website by clicking on the South England Exchange logo below. 

Call: 01980 670357

07796 997780 – 24-hour hotline


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